Welcoming Promesa Boyle Heights and South LA Child Welfare Initiative to SVP

Social Venture Partners is excited to announce that our two new Advisees for 2013-2014 are:

These investments differ from any of our previous investments in two ways.  This year the committee decided to look for organizations that use a collective impact approach to help improve education in Los Angeles.  Collective impact was born out of the idea that complex social issues require a coordinated, structured, and collaborative approach.  Collective impact is defined by a variety of organizations coming together across sectors (i.e. nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, foundations, etc.) and who are all committed to a common agenda.  From the descriptions below, you will see that each initiative is a collection of multiple organizations who are working collaboratively.

Another way these investments differ from previous years is that under SVP’s new investment model, these two initiatives will receive one year of in-kind support, focused on building the capacity of the initiative as a whole to achieve long-term impact. The initiative’s leadership team will receive valuable strategic advice and coaching from a team of SVP Partners. At the end of the year, we will select one initiative to become an Investee and receive an additional two years of financial and in-kind investment.

Here’s a little more information about the two initiatives:

Promesa Logo

Promesa Boyle Heights

Lead Organization:  Proyecto Pastoral

Promesa Boyle Heights (a.k.a. “Boyle Heights Promise Neighborhood Initiative”) is a collaboration of fourteen organizations and three schools in Boyle Heights working together to build a community of opportunity for children and families. Promesa’s collective impact efforts will allow children to learn, grow and succeed from cradle to college while ensuring families can live  stable, healthy and fulfilling lives. The initiative’s grassroots governance model emphasizes that students, residents, and teachers—those most impacted by systems and policies—should be leading community change efforts.

The following nonprofit and institutional partners are involved with this collaborative:

  • Alliance for a Better Community
  • Boyle Heights Learning Collaborative
  • Centro de Ayuda
  • City Year
  • Communities in Schools
  • Dolores Mission Church
  • East LA Community Corporation
  • Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez Learning Center
  • Hollenbeck Middle School
  • Homeboy Industries
  • Inner City Struggle
  • Peace Over Violence
  • Partnership for Los Angeles Schools
  • Proyecto Pastoral
  • Puente Learning Center
  • Urban Strategies at Pueblo del Sol
  • Union de Vecinos

Institutional Partners:

  • Cal State University Los Angeles
  • City of Los Angeles
  • County of Los Angeles
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Los Angeles County Office of Education
  • Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
  • White Memorial Hospital

For more information, visit: www.promesaboyleheights.org.

SJ Logo

South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative

Lead Organization: St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

The South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative (SLACWI) is a collaborative of 7 organizations implementing cross-agency care coordination for children 0-5 years at risk for child welfare involvement, with special emphasis on kinship caregiver families and pregnant and parenting teens. The goal of SLACWI is to improve developmental outcomes for children 0-5 and to reduce their risk of involvement with the child welfare system.

The environment where young children develop can have a profound impact on later success in school and life. Studies show that significant adversity in the first three years of life impairs cognitive, language, or emotional development.  Risk factors such as poverty, caregiver mental illness, child maltreatment, single parents, and low maternal education have a cumulative impact on children (source: Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University).

SLACWI looks holistically at early childhood systems – combining health, early childhood education, and social services – to identify and mitigate risk, help families remain intact, and support the healthy development of their children.

There are 7 non-profit organizations participating in the South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative, including:

  • Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • Beyond Shelter
  • Children’s Institute, Inc.
  • Community Coalition
  • Institute for Maximum Human Potential
  • Para Los Niños
  • St. John’s Well Child & Family Center

For more information, visit: www.wellchild.org/.

We look forward to working with both organizations over the next year!

Partners: Kickoff meetings between SVP and these two organizations will happen in late August or early September. Contact SVP (info@lasvp.org) if you are interested in learning more about or volunteering for these initiatives. 


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