Passionate Philanthropy, Real Impact

LASVPIt was wonderful to see everyone at the Partner Meeting on September 24th. It’s always beneficial when we can come together to share ideas and challenge each other to think more deeply and strategically about our goals. As you’re probably aware, we’ve established our new strategic direction and we’re ready to take it to the next level.

Diving Deep…
Investment committee co-leads, M-K O’Connell and Alex Soschin, gave us a refresher on our new investment model and led us through the results of our most recent Partner survey. Based on Partner survey results and validated by discussion, our permanent social issue will be education. Education was far and away the number one choice of the Partnership, and it’s an area that we have always been passionate about. This is such an exciting choice for us since we’ll be able to learn deeply about the area and continue to collaborate with others in this field. Education offers us such a dynamic range of choices, undoubtably we’ll find compelling ways to make an impact. The next step toward moving forward is to hone in on a particular aspect of education for our 2013 investment cycle.

Keeping it Fresh…
The next challenge for us is to find the first issue for our varied social issue investment cycles. By first selecting a social issue to learn more about, we’ll be able to understand the space better when we begin to look for exciting and compelling organizations to engage with throughout a 3+ year investment cycle. The results of the Partner survey were a little more varied around this type of investment. We had strong support for the areas of environment, employment, and human services, just to name a few! Finding an issue to focus on, balanced with looking at specific organizations and the creative social entrepreneurs who run them, will allow us to be more strategic in our decision-making while still giving us a variety of possibilities to keep our philanthropy fresh. Keep your eye out for the next survey, Partners. We still have a little more work to narrow down our choices.

Transforming Los Angeles…
We also had the chance to hear from our Investee, LA Diaper Drive, about how they use diapers as a medium of change for children living in poverty. LA Diaper Driver founder and board chair, Caroline Kunitz, shared with us the potential for transformation present in their work, citing that when diapers are used as an incentive, enrollment in life-improving classes doubles and even triples. To date, they have helped over 25,000 families! And there are volunteer opportunities for LASVP Partners on the horizon. LA Diaper Drive is looking for help with Board Development, Program Evaluation, Branding and Marketing, and Building Corporate Relationships. Contact us to find out how you can help.

Connecting Passion to Progress…
We’re excited by the progress that’s been made so far and for the truly helpful feedback of our Partnership. As we discover the ways we can have an impact, we’re so glad we have the opportunity to join together with thoughtful people who are passionate about the future of our city.

If you missed the Partner Meeting and want to know more, there are several things you can do. You can view the slides from the meeting here, fill out the next Partner survey that will help us narrow the choices for our rotating social issue, contact Diane with questions, or contact co-lead Partners Elyssa Elbaz and Donella Wilson to find out about volunteering with LA Diaper Drive.


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