Partner Q & A: Elliot Sainer

Elliot Sainer resize_edited-1Meet Elliot Sainer! Elliot joined LASVP in 2012 and was introduced to us through our Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition. He’s moving from being a great Fast Pitch coach to being a great Partner!

Q: Why did you join SVP?

I admired the work that the organization was doing to promote social entrepreneurship, and having participated as a coach last year in Fast Pitch, I thought my background and experience would enhance SVP, and I as well could learn from others who have been active.

Q: What social issues are you most passionate about?

I have spent my career in education and education service companies, so helping those in need has been a long time part of my life. I also want to get involved with some areas in these two broad fields that I have not been actively engaged in during my professional career. For example, I am a founding board member of USC Hybrid HS, a new charter high school affiliated with USC that is opening in September 2012. We are trying to break the dropout cycle of urban high school youth and the school will open in downtown LA for this inner city population.

Q: Which nonprofit organization do you wish everyone knew about?

That would be Union Station Homeless Services in Pasadena, which has been focused on reducing the numbers of homeless in Pasadena for many years. They do incredible work through services for the homeless and providing supportive and permanent housing for these clients.

Q: What do you look forward to on the weekends?

I am an avid golfer, so look forward to hitting the links, as golf is a great way to “get away” from daily life issues. I also look forward to skiing with my son, wife, and our 19 month old grandson who all live in Denver, as we usually do this over the weekend.

Q: What is the biggest barrier to social change?

The biggest barrier is the inertia of so many people to look beyond their own lives to the lives of others and see how they can help.

You can read more about all of our Partners here on our website.


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