Doing Good Better: Storytelling with Andy Goodman

Andy GoodmanAndy Goodman is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant in the field of public interest communications. In 2008, Andy co-founded The Goodman Center, an online school dedicated to “helping do-gooders learn to do better.”

Andy Goodman has played an integral part in the Social Innovation Fast Pitch program over the years.  In his own words, he provides the “pre-session training” that lays the foundation for the participants to create and refine their pitches in cooperation with personal coaches.  Andy helps the participants understand what makes a good pitch, and what kind of storytelling has the power to stick in people’s minds.

“The Fast Pitch is a good fit for me,” says Andy, whose business, a goodman, helps good causes communicate more effectively.  “One aspect of doing that is helping people tell their story more concisely.”  The longer Andy stayed involved with the Fast Pitch, the more he liked the motivation to give back he saw.  “It’s a win/win/win,” he says. “It’s great for nonprofits, who become better communicators.  No matter who wins in the competition, all of the participants emerge with a new skill.  It’s good for the funding community that attends the event, because they get to learn about these exciting organizations.  And it’s good for the community at large, who are interested in new solutions and who leave the event feeling energized by the good work that’s being done.”

Last year, in addition to leading the pre-session workshop, Andy also served as the moderated the Fast Pitch portion of the event at Club Nokia.  “It was an amazing experience,” he says.  “The group of finalists was the best that LASVP has assembled…each year the selection gets better and better.”


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