Partner Q & A: Diane Manuel

Diane Manuel has been an LASVP Partner since 2011, and has served on our Investment Committee, Recruiting Team, and Strategic Planning Team.  Find out more about this multi-talented Partner!

Q: Why did you join LASVP?

Diane: Having previously worked in grantmaking and philanthropic organizations, I want to work with a diverse group of people who support social change and are willing to work through the struggles to support this.

Q: What do you listen to when you’re stuck in traffic?

Diane: Hip hop, funk and anything I can party to (throw your hands up in the air; party like you just don’t care!), or sports radio.

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved in LASVP?

Diane: The work is hard and challenging…listening and appreciating the perspectives of others, listening and appreciating the work and perspective of the Investees. If it was all easy, it would have been done already.

Q: What is your favorite place in LA?

Diane: The Downtown Library – just an absolutely beautiful building. Hang in the library; lunch at Patina…can’t get any better.

Q: What social issue are you most passionate about?

Diane: Creating and supporting advocacy agendas for good food, nutrition, activity, and safety for communities of color.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher in school?

Diane: Mrs. Hickman, my 2nd grade teacher. She was thoughtful, fun, nice, and demanding. As an adult, I met her granddaughter while working at the Getty. Now, Mrs. Hickman’s granddaughter, Jennifer Hickman, is one of my best buddies. Small world, right?

Q: Which nonprofit organization do you wish everyone knew about?

Diane: Liberty Hill, because they promote social change.

You can learn more about Diane and all of our LASVP Partners on our website.


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