More Vegetables, Please: Helping GrowingGreat Grow

Like most nonprofit Executive Directors, Sarah Gelb always has something to keep her busy.  “It’s always a challenge to get done what you need to get done in a day, and to get the funding and support we need to put on our programs and continue to grow,” she says.  The stress that must come along with the job doesn’t seem to have worn down her enthusiasm, though—maybe that’s one benefit of the healthy lifestyle that GrowingGreat advocates.

Sarah has been at the helm of GrowingGreat, an LASVP Investee focused on bringing nutrition education to kids in public schools, since 2009, and was a long-time supporter before then.  An athlete with a background in education, GrowingGreat unites Sarah’s passions.  “GrowingGreat gives [students] the tools to live longer and live happier, and will be the foundation that makes them successful, healthy adults.”

GrowingGreat clearly has an impact on the kids they reach.  According to Sarah, one third-grader told his mom that he wouldn’t go to bed until she bought the healthy cereal he had sampled in a GrowingGreat lesson that day.  Other young food activists are less extreme in their methods, but just as fired-up about having healthy choices—at one elementary school, students asked the administration to provide more Swiss chard in the cafeteria.  Kids demanding more vegetables?  GrowingGreat is clearly doing something right. And thanks to Sarah, the rest of the team at GrowingGreat, and the help they’ve received from LASVP Partners, the organization is expanding to reach even more students.

“We’re so fortunate to have LASVP as part of our team.  They have definitely helped us create the systems and the foundations that have allowed us to grow as effectively as we have the last three years.”  One project that LASVP Partners lent a hand to was creating a web model that will allow GrowingGreat to share its program online and spread quality nutrition education far beyond LA County.   “To build this online model has been one of my biggest accomplishments,” says Sarah, “because now the organization is in a position to scale and bring this really incredible curriculum and training to anyone who wants it.”

Sarah is definitely leaving a great legacy of accomplishments behind her.  While GrowingGreat will be sad to see her go, she has helped build a foundation for future success that the organization will continue to build on.  “It’s been exciting for me to be part of the growth and change as the organization moves forward,” says Sarah, “and LASVP has been a really huge asset in helping us do that.”

If you want to do something for GrowingGreat, you can:

Volunteer your time with LASVP.  Contact Sarah at to find out  more about current GrowingGreat projects.

Become a GrowingGreat board member.  Contact Kristy at to learn more.

Bring GrowingGreat to your child’s school.  Click here to learn how.


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