Growing Relationships, Growing Boards, GrowingGreat!

Our investee GrowingGreat is searching for new board members and on April 25th they were able to host a Meet & Greet for prospects and volunteers with the help of LASVP Partner Lance Tendler. With all of GrowingGreat’s current board members and staff in the room, the eight new potential supporters in attendance were introduced to the organization’s history, growth, and need for passionate and strategic leadership by board chair Marika Bergsund.

“I was really impressed by how strong and committed their board is, as well as the amount of impact they are able to make on their budget,” said LASVP Partner Kathy Yeung. “[They serve] 16,500 students on a budget of approximately $200k per year.”

Guests were given a glimpse of GrowingGreat’s amazing program though a condensed lesson on “higher quality” foods by Program Manager Lindsey Ludwig. The move toward “higher quality” foods, meaning closer to whole and closer to the source, is important to their programs as the word “healthy” can turn kids off and allows a variety of diets to be represented. “Higher quality is relative statement, and speaks to the diverse community served by GrowingGreat.  They may have very different diets, but can all move toward higher quality,” said LASVP Partner Sam Rotter.

Executive Director Sarah Gelb said the eight prospective supporters seemed “engaged and interested in getting involved,” and that they will be following up with each person individually to discuss their interests and expertise. And special thanks go out to LASVP Partners Lance Tender, Sam Rotter, and Kathy Yeung for their help.

Our investee is looking to add three to five new board members to their team this year and through their personal commitment and LASVP support, GrowingGreat can continue to live up to their name.

If you are interested in joining the GrowingGreat board, or would like to find out more about getting involved, contact us at or 310-281-7509.


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